How Your Real Estate Agent Can Save Buyers Money

  • Posted on: 26 December 2016
  • By: admin

As a home buyer, you typically do not have to pay a real estate agent fee. This is traditionally paid for by the sellers in the transaction. While their services may not cost you a dime, skilled and hardworking agents can save their clients money in a number of ways. With the selection of the right real estate agent, you may expect your agent to work for you in these ways.

Negotiating the Sales Price
One of the most significant ways a real estate agent Toronto may save you money is through contract negotiations, and the sales price is one of the top factors that is negotiated. Your agent can review market data to determine what a fair and reasonable price for the property is, and he or she may create an initial offer based on market data. In addition, negotiations related to the sales price may also include seller-paid closing costs. Through these negotiations, a skilled agent may save you potentially thousands of dollars or more.

Ordering Reports Only When Ready
Third party reports, such as the appraisal, property inspection, survey and wood destroying insect report, can cost a small fortune. Your agent will advise you of the appropriate order in which these reports should be ordered to avoid wasting money. For example, the property inspection is the first report that is typically ordered, and it is often ordered during the option period. If the property inspection report is too clouded with repair items, some buyers may want to back out of the offer before ordering the other reports.

Negotiating Property Repairs
Through the property inspection, you can learn more about the condition of the property, and you may want the seller to make some repairs before you take ownership. Your real estate agent can negotiate on your behalf to have some or all of the repair work completed before the closing date. This can save your hundreds or thousands of dollars in repair work after closing.

Recommending a Reputable Lender
Some established agents have worked with enough lenders in the past to know who to steer their current clients to. These may be lenders that charge fair fees, that are easy to work with and that can close in a timely manner. The right lender may be far more affordable to work with, so consider asking your real estate agent for a recommendation.

From the down payment to the third party reports and other closing fees, buying a house can be a truly expensive endeavor. Your is working on your behalf to make this process as easy and simplified as possible for you, and he or she can also save you money in each of these ways. With this in mind, carefully review the options so that you choose an experienced, skilled agent to assist you.

Buying a House: Does School District Matter?

  • Posted on: 20 September 2016
  • By: admin

As you're checking out different properties for sale and meeting with your real estate agent, you're probably coming up with a host of questions. Some of them involve the importance of the school district. The quality of the school district can matter, depending upon your specific needs and perspectives.

Children in the Equation
When you plan to have children, conducting some research into the school district is important. Even if you are not concerned about test scores and graduation rates, you want to see what types of services the schools have. For example, you may want to know what the special education program is like and if gifted programs are available. Parents who already have children may know their kids' specific needs and look for a district that matches them.

Area Safety
Whether or not you have kids or are planning to have them, you likely are concerned about the level of crime in the community. While this connection does not always exist, school districts often tell you something about crime in the area. When the test scores and graduation rates are low, the areas often struggle with higher levels of crime. The reasons for this connection are manifold. Therefore, if you see a school district with poor scores, you may want to check into safety in the community. Keep in mind that this connection may not exist in your particular community.

Public and Private
If you want to send your kids to public school, then you need to know what the district is like. However, many parents choose to send their children to private school instead, so if that is your perspective, then you would likely have more options. Of course, you still want to see how far away the schools are from your house and if the public school district provides buses. On top of that, you must conduct research into how the private schools in the area are.

Your Personal Emphasis on Education
You may want your children to have a chance to attend an Ivy League school; therefore, you want to choose a school that prepares your children in this manner. On the other hand, you may feel that you would prefer if your children have well-rounded interests in school, the arts, athletics and other pursuits. That doesn't mean that you don't care about your children's education; it means that you see school as one part of a larger whole. Then, you may be fine moving to an area that has schools with average reputations.

School district can play a large role in your decision to purchase a home in a certain area. Whether or not it should depends upon the needs of your family. Talk to a real estate agent like Slavens RealEstate to learn more.